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Copper Canyon

Michelle Dupree

In 2006 , our dear friend Pam Callahan received the devastating news that she had ALS.

Learning that ALS would quickly take away her ability to move, talk, swallow, and breathe, she knew she had to fight with all that she had. As a mom of 4 young boys, Pam received a tracheotomy to help her breathe so she could still enjoy the sights and sounds of her children, her friends, and her family.

Pam's favorite restaurant has always been Copper Canyon in Atlantic Highlands, NJ. Although she can no longer enjoy the flavors and scents that fill the restaurant, it still remains her favorite place to be. Her friendship with the owner Mike is truly a special one. He purees his wonderful soups so she can still enjoy them, albeit, through a feeding tube.  If you're ever in the restaurant, look around on the menus, napkins, and horseshoe logo for the hidden initials "PC". This is Mike's way of reminding Pam that she is not alone in her fight and in helping to raise awareness of this underfunded and cruel disease.

ALS can strike anyone and no one knows why. It is always fatal and there are currently no drugs to slow, stop, or end ALS. Pam supports the critical work being done at the ALS Therapy Development Institute and asks that we all do what we can to help advance their research, so that our future will be free from this cruel disease.

Your donation is greatly needed and appreciated.

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